Elevate Your Business with Art: A Local Celebration of M/others’ Perspectives in Northampton!

Dive into the vibrant heart of Northampton’s creative scene with Mothers Institute for Collaboration and Art (MICA) at MICAfest Art for Change: The M/others’ View. This second annual month-long celebration unfolds throughout Northampton, MA, in May 2024.

Discover how aligning your business with MICA seamlessly integrates your brand with the rich tapestry of Northampton’s artistic community. MICA passionately supports m/other artists, fostering diversity and inclusion in our thriving arts scene.

Wondering about “m/others”? It’s not just a term; it’s an inclusive embrace of all primary caregivers, transcending conventional roles.

By partnering with MICA, you amplify the voices of m/other artists, exploring parenthood, identity,and the world around them. Enhance your brand, welcome new customers, and infuse your business with the warmth of community engagement.

Collage image of MICA artists and their work, with white background. MICA Mothers Institute for Collaboration and Art. MICA: Where m/otherhood and artistry unite. experiencemica.org

Weaving your business into MICAfest Art for Change brings exclusive perks:

  • Publicity Boost: Gain visibility through MICA’s strategic marketing efforts, shining in the local limelight and attracting new customers.
  • Community Connection: Be the go-to hub for local artists, fostering community bonding and revolutionizing your business atmosphere.
  • Brand Enhancement: Showcase your commitment to diversity, inclusion, and the arts, aligning seamlessly with the values of Northampton’s locals.
  • Unique Collaborations: Access a diverse pool of local artists for authentic collaborations and unique events, infusing your business with creativity.
  • Inclusivity Support: Be a part of breaking down barriers within our local art scene, contributing to a more inclusive community.
  • Social Responsibility Showcase: Demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility, resonating with socially conscious locals.

Elevate your business by joining hands with MICA:

  • Display Diverse Local Artwork: Transform your space into a local art haven, showcasing the talents of our community’s m/other artists.
  • Feature a Local M/other Artist: Dive into Arts Night Out with live performances, trunk shows, or merchandise tables—a variety of community-friendly possibilities!
  • Provide Event Space: Make your venue a cornerstone of our thrilling local events, becoming an integral part of the Northampton celebration.
  • Sponsor the Festival: Align your brand with Northampton’s values—sponsor the festival or a specific event, showcasing your community commitment.
  • Donate: Contribute monetary support or in-kind goods and services—every bit helps create a successful festival rooted in our local community.

Ready to enrich your business and contribute to Northampton’s vibrant arts community? Partner with MICA and make a difference. Elevate Your Business with Art today!


MICA's Circle of Support

Thank you to our sponsors, partners, collaborators, and supporters.

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Mothers Institute for Collaboration and Art (MICA) is revolutionizing the way we celebrate mothers who are career artists by providing creative events that promote equity in the arts. We believe in creating inclusive spaces where artistic expression can thrive without barriers so that m/other-artists everywhere can prosper. Our unique value proposition gives us a purpose—breaking down barriers to provide light in dark corners and hope to dreamers everywhere. With MICA, it’s time for m/other artists to make some noise.