Perfect Imperfections Behind the Facade: an Evening at the Theatre

May 23 @ 7:00 pm

Promotional poster for the event "Perfect Imperfections Behind the Facade: An Evening at the Theatre" on May 23, 2024, at the Northampton Center for the Arts. The poster includes event details, images of a book cover, two women, a hanging doll, and a shadow puppet.

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A theatre poster of a woman looking at herself in the theatre dressing mirror with a framed photograph of her mother prominently placed.

My Mother Had Two Faces: Reflections on Beauty, Aging, and Acceptance.

A one-woman show by Karin Trachtenberg

My Mother Had Two Faces: Reflections on Beauty, Aging and Acceptance is an autobiographical one-woman dramatic comedy that dares to expose what lies beneath the mask of the perfect mother. Discovering her mother’s diaries after her passing, Karin, the heroine, begins to examine the history of their complicated relationship from the gritty, urban streets of New York to her Swiss mother’s manicured orderliness.

The story follows her mother’s exodus from her homeland to pursue stardom, and how her fixation with beauty and outward appearances influenced Karin’s sense of worth. Engaged in dialogue with her mirrored reflection, Karin wrestles with her own inner demons. What does the mirror uncover when we strip away the makeup?

A humorous and moving journey of self-reflection, this show is sure to resonate with anyone struggling with a conflicted parental relationship. Presented in a pseudo-fairytale style, utilizing multimedia and theatrical masks, My Mother Had Two Faces tips the Disney delusion on its head revealing the enchanting as well as the underbelly. Karin explains “In embodying my mother, an image of the Good Mother/Bad Mother emerged. Introducing theatrical masks is a powerful dramatization of those roles.”

My Mother Had Two Faces has toured Los Angeles, Boston, and New York to full houses and rave reviews and will be in Northampton on May 23rd and then off to The Edinburgh Fringe this summer.

Photo of Lyza Fennell at 33 Hawley Street, with stairs in background.

An Evening with Phineas

A staged reading written by Lyza Fennell

Directed by Marty Bongfeldt

Cast: Emily P Bloch, James Tanner Echols, Adriana Piantedosi, R. Steve Pierce 


Prepare for a hilarious and provocative exploration of love, marriage, and desire. Phineas, the enigmatic marriage coach, turns an unhappy couple’s world upside down with unconventional methods and surprising twists.


Don’t miss this unforgettable evening of theatre, which will make you laugh, think, and perhaps even see yourself reflected in a new light. Perfect Imperfections Behind the Facade celebrates our messy humanity. Reserve your tickets today and immerse yourself in storytelling’s transformative power.

Join us for a Q & A discussion after!

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