Support Artistic Mothers - Donate Today!

Imagine a world where every mother has a platform to showcase her art, share her unique perspective, and inspire others. We are dedicated to making this vision a reality at MICA (Mothers Institute for Collaboration and Art). Your generous donation, no matter the amount, can turn this dream into a vibrant tapestry of creativity.

Why donate? Your contribution will directly impact our organization and the artistic mothers we serve. With your support, we can provide a platform for mothers to express themselves through their art. Every donation makes a difference, no matter how small.

Read on to see the ways you can donate or help MICA. Together, we can create a world where motherhood and art coexist and flourish.

We offer two ways to donate: a one-time gift through our website  (just below) or a tax-deductible donation through our sponsor, Fractured Atlas‘s website.

Giving Options

Give a One-Time or Recurring Gift

We welcome donations of any amount, whether it’s a one-time gift or a recurring donation. Your contribution will help us continue to provide a platform for artistic mothers to thrive. Donations can be made via our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, for a tax-deductible receipt or directly on our website for no tax deduction.

In-kind Donations

In-kind donations are incredibly valuable to us. Whether it’s a venue for our events, equipment for a workshop, offering childcare during an event, or services that can help promote our mission, we appreciate any-and-all contributions.

Sponsorship and Partnership

We seek businesses and organizations passionate about supporting the arts and empowering mothers. Your sponsorship will help us cover the costs of our events, workshops, and other programs.



Get Involved

Whether you’re an artistic mother or simply passionate about our cause, we invite you to get involved with MICA. Join our online community, attend our events, and spread the word about our organization.

Thank you for your support!

Together we can create a world where motherhood and art coexist and flourish.

In Person

Absolutely! We can meet up! Email us at

By Check

Sure! Checks can be mailed to PO Box 276, Northampton, MA 01073. If you need a tax-deductible receipt, we can process it through our fiscal sponsor. If you don’t need a tax-deductible receipt, just let us know and we’ll avoid the processing fees.

Give Online

MICA (Mothers Institute for Collaboration and Art) is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a New York-based non-profit arts organization. As a result, MICA enjoys similar benefits to non-profits, including receiving donations through Fractured Atlas and providing tax receipts to donors. Donations, whether in the form of cash, check, credit card, or non-monetary property, contribute to sustaining the support of artistic mothers. Help us make a difference by considering a donation to MICA. If you have any questions please email us.