Amy Kotel

Florence, MA

Amy is an artist to the core. Whether it’s fine art, performing art, dance, or puppetry, creating needs to come out of her for her to feel satisfied with life. Her fine art is bright, bold,  joyous, and or intense. She often uses patterns of circles to make the larger artwork. She loves to explore the dichotomy between how weird human life is and the joy life holds, and the beauty of nature that lives under all sidewalks. In recent years her medium has been color pencils, but of late has been exploring other mediums such as collage and watercolor.


Featured Work

feathery abstract color pencil drawing

Amy Kotel

Feathery Abstract

a bird and egg

Amy Kotel

A Bird and Egg

Color pencil drawing Heart AB

Amy Kotel

Heart AB


Amy has been making art of all forms since she was a little bittle. Born and raised on Long Island, NY. She attended Syocett school of Visual and Performing arts as a fine arts major and went to SUNY New Paltz initially studying fine art and eventually graduating with a BA in Women Studies and a Minor in Dance. Her career path has taken her to dance, puppetry, fitness, environmental ed and education. While most of her adult life Amy has been a dancer, fitness professional, taught many subjects, and was a professional puppeteer, she turned back to her fine art roots about 7 years ago and became prolific in creating as the pandemic took over. For Amy, art is much more than just a creative out let, but also an outlet for her dreams, her challenges and her joys. Her work has been shown many places locally, including having a solo show at City Space this last spring and at the River Valley Coop in Northampton.

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